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Google It

17 Mar

Super Bowl Sunday I’m watching the epic football game & this comerical comes on:

Without question it was out-of-place and perhaps tacky for a football game, but (huge but), it might have been the most insightful & thoughtful advertisement I’ve ever seen.  The genius behind a search that marked each progressive step in that relationship is brilliant.  The commercial clearly stood tall amongst the others and I’m sure captured the hearts of the female audience.  A search engine has become a love counselor, who would have thought?


Saturday Morning Cartoons

13 Mar

As a child growing up, I would wake up bright and early on Saturday morning to watch hours of cartoons. Conversely, now that I’m an adult, my favorite thing to do is wake up late and recover from hangovers.  My desire for childhood things has waned, yet I still long for the days when being a kid was my primary function.  Today I woke up with a sense of nostalgia, so take a moment & reminisce on a few of my favorite childhood cartoons.

How To Make It In America

7 Mar

This new show on HBO is fantastic & captures the aspect of NYC that is often missed. Most people associate images of Wall Street, Broadway, Fashion, and Music to NYC, yet they forget the millions of dreamers who are here and trying to make an idea work. This show depicts a resourceful, street-smart, moxie, and fortitude shared by most New Yorkers.

Even better is the theme song, “I Need Dollars” by Aloe Blacc”  a soulful and musical gift.