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World Cup

6 Jul

The World Cup is underway and the question I keep asking myself is what will it take to have sustained US interest in the sport of soccer.  If we’re going to be honest most of us only watch soccer over a 3 week window every 4 years.  What needs to happen culturally to change this?   In every other sport and game we manage to dominate & perform at the highest level.  However when it comes to soccer we have not reached the point of consistent greatness?

Are we losing interest and potential athletes in soccer to other sports?  Perhaps there should more of an outreach to inner city youth and emphasis at a younger age in schools.  I think part of the issue is that Americans place so much of an emphasis on American Football that soccer has become a fall back sport in the fall.  Also as I speak to many of the youth in my neighborhood in Harlem, many of them seem disinterested.  Is it fair to say the urban youth are just not engaged in the largest athletic event in the world, if this is the case its a big issue and large-scale disconnect.  Does any one have any anwer that may fix this?