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5 Apr

In a day when college basketball programs are constantly looking for Top 100 recruits & McDonald’s All American’s, Tom Izzo has done remarkable feats while at Mich St.. Year in and year out he finds a way to lead his teams deep into the tournament. Over the past decade, I think the Mich. St. Spartans have produced the best program.

One NCAA Division 1 Championship: (2000)
Six Regional Championships (Final Four’s): (1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2010)

I know other programs have yielded more NBA talent & have won one more championship but this program has been the most consistent regardless of talent level, which is a testament to the coach.  He is running the best program in America! UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, UConn, and UCLA can not match this kind of consistency!  One could argue Tom Izzo is the best coach in the NCAA basketball today.


March Madness

26 Mar

March Madness has begun and consumed most of the US population. There is certainly a madness to people filling out brackets across the country & wasting millions pieces of paper predicting results that will certainly be incorrect.   We are in the 2nd weekend and I have seen my alma mater fall to a “mid-major” & there has plenty of upsets across the board. Perhaps the only way to characterize the “upsets”,  the enthusiasm, the lack of productivity of work, and throwing away of discretionary income is madness.  Considering that the best team or most talented one doesn’t always win is sheer madness.  However, this madness is what makes this tournament so special:  The buzzer beaters, the David vs. Goliath battles, conference vs. conference match ups, stars that fall & the new stars that are born… all of which augment the 3 weeks of college basketball where student athletes have their chance at “One Shining Moment”.  At this point my bracket is shot, yet I still watch.  I continue to watch because the games only get more entertaining as we go. I watch because I love college basketball and organized athletic madness is entertaining.

Let me lament for a moment, college basketball is certainly down this year and none of the teams are great. This point has been proved when most of the top seeds fell to mid-major lower seeds; in some instances fluke games.  I am not impressed with any of the remaining teams, but I tip my hat because they have successfully employed tournament strategy: Survive & Advance.