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Miss America?

20 May

I still can’t get over Rima Fikah winning the Miss USA contest. She is Lebanese and of Muslim descent!   Having been placed on a pedestal that is quintessentially American it reinforces that anything is possible in this country. Perhaps one shouldn’t be so stunned since we do have a Black President, but I would be remiss to omit the prevailing stereotype towards Muslim Americans. Her crown is further evidence that each day we move closer to perfecting our union.

Kobe & Ben

14 Apr

Now that the DA in Georgia has decided against prosecuting Ben Roethlisberger with criminal sexual assault charges, Kobe Bryant’s case has been in mind all the while. Back in 2003 when Kobe was accused of sexual assault he was immediately presumed guilty in the court of public opinion & arrested by the police.  Now in comparison to Bryant, the Roethlisberger allegations were coddled by the media and the level of outrage was mild at best . What’s most disturbing is that this 2nd time Ben was accused of abusive sexual behavior.

Law enforcement also treated these two athletes differently: Case and point, once the allegations were levied against Bryant he was arrested with in 24 hours (see his mug shot below), DA pressed charges, and he had to go on trail.

Once the police were notified about sexual misconduct against Ben, before writing the report the officer took pictures & received an autograph. Furthermore, he was merely interviewed by the police and never formally arrested.  The DA using better judgement decided against taking this case to trail.

It’s obvious and apparent that both of the situations were handled differently. Why did the media treat Kobe & Ben differently?  Why was the public so quick to condemn Bryant but hesitant with Roethlisberger?  I have my natural assumptions but I’m going to spare you & challenge you to give me a reasonable explanation.  I’m not condoning either one of their actions, but I am calling out the self-righteous hyprocisy and selective moral stances of many people who judge. I will say, it’s 2010 and we still can’t get equal treatment from law enforcement, and the media clearly saves vitriol for certain persons of interest. Will this ever change, Lord knows?

Knuckle Puck Time…

3 Mar

Like most Americans on Sunday evening I was captivated by the hockey game between USA & Canada and I’m not a hockey fan at all.  Hell, I’ve never watched the sport on TV outside of Sports Center, but I felt patriotic & swelled with boastful cheer through the last period & OT.

Then I thought to myself, “do my minority friends even care”? How is this game being received in the black & latin communities? The answer I arrived at is a gross generalization, but they really do not care that much.  In reality… that game was epic, historic, monumental & Sid Crosby has cemented himself as a God in Canada. I’m sure we will see a movie made & Mr. Crosby now has the entire female Canadian population waiting to go half on a baby with him.

I began to think…Is the stereotype true, “black people don’t play hockey (I know there are a few outliers in the NHL)? Truthfully, it can be explained through cultural and economical rationale. How many black/hispanic kids actually have access to an ice rink or can ice skate?  This is a real chasm because everyone should relish Team USA’s accomplishments yet some don’t feel a part of that “America” or can relate.  Extremely perverse I’d say…But The Mighty Ducks sure did help in the 90’s and my “Knuckle Puck Shot” is vicious!  Leave it Disney to break cultural, ethnic, generational, athletic & socio-economic gaps!