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“All I Want Is You”

16 Jul

This is my favorite R&B record spinning right now (as always it changes weekly).  It’s a very smooth and vulnerable record, delivered with an excellent vocal performance that encompasses a 90’s R&B feel.  I believe Miguel is going to be a star and potentially and shift the crooner landscape. He reminds me of Raphael Saadiq but with a larger mass/pop/ eclectic appeal.

Aggresive Huh?

10 Jul

Here we have 2 celebrities, 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather, who have predicated their careers on  an image of aggression and violence.  As you can see a photographer took a picture of them sharing drink.  Is it me or does it seem suspect that these two are posing “hard” as ever while drinking a Strawberry daiquiri.  Let me repeat for emphasis, they are “grilling” the camera with daiquiri’s in their hand; not beer, not malt liquor, not cognac but a fruity mixed feminine beverage.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had a few daiquiri’s in my day, but I have never sold myself out to be a violent/ uber-aggressive alpha male or made a career out of it.  I’m not questioning their manhood, I’m questioning the image.

I just thought it was funny to see this picture and witness these two “grimey” fellas enjoy a choice beverage.  Maybe just maybe someone in their camps will inform them its okay to lay off eating gangsta cookies for a while.  I think it would be a great idea to post this picture in every club/bar as a reminder for all the “party thugs” to let it go and act normal.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  Enjoy that strawberry in your drink tough guy!

Thank Me Later

24 Jun

Finally Drake released his debut album, “Thank Me Later” on June 15th and I’m prepared to provide my review. I’m giving this effort an 8 out 10. This is a good album not great nor classic, but he is clearly on his way and knows how to make good music.

Where he excels in creativity, melody, charisma, wit, and metaphors he falls short in lyrical prowess. His beat selection is dope, however this album is slow & has the effect of taking an ambien & benadryll. Overall this album is easy to play through but one must exercise patience. That withstanding he has a sure hit in “Miss Me”, a strong performance in “Lights Up”, lastly “Unforgettable” is clearly where Drake feels at home in between R&B and Hip-Hop.

What makes him most appealing is his candor, people want authenticity from recording artists as they’re a lot of frauds in the entertainment (mostly hip-hop). While some have complained about his singing I don’t mind it.  Drake has found a way to channel the vulnerable insecurities that males experience into his music. Perhaps this is reason enough for everyone to “Thank Him Later”.

Hold Yuh (Hold You)

14 Jun

This song is my favorite record of the year so far … Any party, any dance floor, this is the record! It makes you just want to grab your lady and wind real tight.

Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)

21 May

Dope Video … Great Plot/Story

The ArchAndroid

19 May

Her Album has finally landed and it’s amazing! Her creativity is on another level. Please check support this artist… Dream, Believe, Be Inspired.

Just Wright Night with … Common

11 May

Saturday evening I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite hip-hop artists hold court for 2 full sets by himself!  He easily moved through his catalog or records without a hitch and had everyone rocking from start to finish. The high points included him picking up a 192 pound female and putting her on stage to perform “Come Close”, he interweaved hip-hop classics into his songs, and during the brief intermission his DJ & keyboard player put on shows of their own.  Queen Latifah did join him on stage for a track they did together for their upcoming movie “Just Wright” Soundtrack.  Lastly at the end of the his show he left the audience with an impromptu 5 minute freestyle.  He hit all the classics and the crowd loved it … “The Light”, “Go”, “The People”, “I Want You”.

This show only affirmed why he is one of the top 5 favorite hip-hop artists out right now.  I’ll be more than glad to have that deabte as well, so come prepared if you’re going to speak up. His lyricism and musicality put him a cut above 95% of the other “artists” currently out right now. If you missed this show, you missed a quality evening of real hip-hop. I would rank this as the 3rd best hip-hop show I’ve seen only behind Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark” performance and Jay-Z’s 9/11 benefit concert.  Enough words from me … here are some moments I captured to share with you.

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