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$200 Jeans …

9 Apr

A week or so ago, Rock & Republic announced they were filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and it only got the wheels in my head turning. My sarcastic rhetorical thought was, “so the $200 pair of jeans company lost its appeal during a recession/economic downturn” but then I considered True Religion & some of the other premium denim companies that are still having retail success. Why is True Religion able to sell jeans at $300 price tag, but Rock & Republic struggles at $220? Perhaps the branding, demand, and design was not that strong after all.

Let’s be honest though, Rock & Republic was late to the premium denim game, furthermore, their downfall has concurrently been in line with Levi’s surge in popularity. Maybe just maybe, people actually do exercise better judgment in discretionary spending in economic tough times. Maybe the hispters, fashionistas, & trendy individuals have opted for $70 denim instead of $200. But then again, denim quality to me at this point in my life is not something I compromise with as it has become common place to wear them to all functions.

As I do own a few pair of their jeans, I can say the lack of consistency in their cut and denim quality definitely did not help their cause; but I do like their jeans. At this point I’m curious to see if all high-end denim can make a comeback & if Levi’s shelf space will decrease.