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Slip-On Chuck – Summer Time light

8 Jul

These might be my favorite summer time shoe; so versatile light and comfortable.  Cargo shorts, plaid shorts, fatigue shorts, jeans, and even chino pants can be complimented with these picks.  In coming weeks I will highlight a few pair of summer time shoes that I enjoy.

The Cap Toe

13 May

The mens cap toe shoe is an essential to every mans wardrobe. They are timeless in style & are key for any event which requires men to be in a suit. I prefer Santonis over the Bruno Maglis & Allen Edmonds. The ones pictured above are Santoni’s and yes I own a black & brown pair.

Fellas let’s me coach you for a moment.
1. These should be the base of your shoe collection.
2. Stay away from the pointed/elf shoes
3. Invest in a good pair of cap toes & traditional Oxford’s, they last forever & men are judged on their dress shoes.

Black Mamba in All White

7 May

Kobe’s forray into the modeling/fashion world has set the twitterverse & blogosphere on fire. Naturally from the uber alpha male and homphobic crowd, I’ve heard and read the labels placed on the photos. I must admit the photos do make him seem “suspect” and are perhaps femine. I think that people are missing the bigger point, the guy is tough on the eyes.

However in 2010 why are people so hyper sensitive to idea of a man bring portrayed in this way? Perhaps it’s a reflection of critics own insecurities & inability to be vulnerable. Maybe just maybe Kobe is very comfortable in his own character that he does need it to be affirmed by lesser persons. However at the end of the day he is still ugly… I’m just saying.

$200 Jeans …

9 Apr

A week or so ago, Rock & Republic announced they were filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and it only got the wheels in my head turning. My sarcastic rhetorical thought was, “so the $200 pair of jeans company lost its appeal during a recession/economic downturn” but then I considered True Religion & some of the other premium denim companies that are still having retail success. Why is True Religion able to sell jeans at $300 price tag, but Rock & Republic struggles at $220? Perhaps the branding, demand, and design was not that strong after all.

Let’s be honest though, Rock & Republic was late to the premium denim game, furthermore, their downfall has concurrently been in line with Levi’s surge in popularity. Maybe just maybe, people actually do exercise better judgment in discretionary spending in economic tough times. Maybe the hispters, fashionistas, & trendy individuals have opted for $70 denim instead of $200. But then again, denim quality to me at this point in my life is not something I compromise with as it has become common place to wear them to all functions.

As I do own a few pair of their jeans, I can say the lack of consistency in their cut and denim quality definitely did not help their cause; but I do like their jeans. At this point I’m curious to see if all high-end denim can make a comeback & if Levi’s shelf space will decrease.

What Nike did in 95′ & 97′

30 Mar

This past week I couldn’t help myself as I am a sneaker addict; when I walked into Jimmy Jazz & Flight Club NYC. I saw 2 pairs of sneakers that took me back to grade school. In the mid to late 90’s the Nike Air Bubble was all the rage, and they released 2 pairs of running shoes that became sneaker staples: the Air Max 95 & Air Max 97. I’ve owned both models in various color ways throughout the years.

This past month Nike has given me reason to transition from designer kicks back to athletic ones again. Let me be clear these are my favorite sneakers outside of the Jordan Space Jams. What Nike did in 95 & 97 was epic & they’ve still found a way to keep these classics fresh. Enough words, I’ll let the pictures provide color for the new additions to my deep closet. Go ahead jock my style, just know I had them on my feet 1st.

The Nike Air Max 97′ “Snake”

See the snake-skin pattern on the outsole of the shoe… Nice!

The Nike Air Max 95′ inspired by Nintendo Wii

Nike Air Max 95 Wii

You see the patent leather… Nice!


19 Mar

Given I wear a suit everyday to work I have become meticulous about the details, most importantly the tie selection and the knot used.  I’m a big fan of the Full Windsor Knot (see image below):

Full Windsor

However this can be difficult to complete if the fabric of the tie is too thin or it is not long enough.  I also have a large neck which only complicates things further.  Despite these challenges I go with this knot because it accentuates a complete and polished look.   What I will not do; is ever wear a “skinny” tie as I consider them to be casual wear and flimsy. Often their fabric is cheaper and are usually are tied very sloppily, I prefer a crisp look. Skinny ties are more appropriate for men that elect to go with very form-fitting pants or jeans.

We have seen a lot of “fashionista” men embrace bow ties recently which is okay.  However, in the gentlemen’s code of dress, if it is a clip-on you are playing yourself.  Furthermore, traditionally bow ties are considered to be more formal than ties, yet we have flipped the script and made them casual.  Let me offer some coaching, if your shoes & belt are not of the same quality of your bow tie, you look foolish.  Lastly, if you can’t tie the aforementioned full windsor knot above you probably should not have that bow tie on. So next time you want to present that fashion forward look, ask yourself “is it you”?

Is it You?

Prada Kicks

9 Mar

"Prada America's Cup Sneaker"

I love sneakers and prefer them to every other form of footwear, as they are the most comfortable and provide much-needed versatility.  Recently we’ve seen sneaker lovers embrace designer sneakers (Gucci, Prada, D&G)  in particular the Prada America’s Cup Sneaker which retails for $350.  I own a pair and I wonder how many people can justify owning a pair of $350 sneakers with their disposable income? Keep in mind I’m not talking about dress shoes such as cap toes,  loafers, or wing tips, but rather a pair of sneakers?

I saw them on a student on his way to school & wondered if he copped his at the Prada store or Saks. I’ve seen them on grocery clerks, barbers, bus drivers,  and people from all walks of life.   I guess the recession didn’t hit everyone that hard, or they are fake, or they like to splurge on kicks.  Only in America can people justify spending 1% of  a years total income on a single pair of sneakers,  for those making 35K (I know who they are);  moreover 25% of that 35K will go towards taxes.

It is remarkable, should we look at it as an investment or frivolity, you be the judge but don’t smudge my Pradas when you walk by me!  If you ask why I own mine, I’ll simply retort “I’m stunin” and because I can.  I’m as guilty as the next man, but while you’re judging me,  I own these too.

So look them up, get me the retail price, add it up. POW!