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Hybrid Gas Guzzler

4 Mar

This week Porsche rollled out it’s Spyder 918 which is it’s first attempt into the popular forray of “Green” cars. Yes, the car is a hyrbid but the premise of owning a “green” anything… that is designed for speed or power is asinine.

A car with a V-8 engine is built for power which eqautes to high gasoline consumption. However they’re boasting a fuel economy of 78mpg. We all know if I had that whip… I’m not going to be moving with traffic. The reality is you can’t tap maximum acceleration & expect to experience great fuel economy.

I’m not mad at Porsche for trying to tap into the trendy Eco-conscious of consumers. I’m waiting to laugh at the 1st jackass to claim he’s saving gas money with this hot wheels car, while he’s flooring the gas pedal. Catch you later sucka!