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8 Jun

I had the opportunity to see the play “Fences” on Broadway last weekend and it was nothing short of amazing.  Viola Davis & Denzel Washington delivered a masterful performance.  They captured the big moments, drove home the emotion, and were just flat out great.  After the show a certain “stan” even waited outside to capture a close up picture of Mr. Washington himself with my camera, but I’m not going to call her name out in public.  If you get the opportunity go see the show it’s very good.


10 Mar

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to see the musical FELA. The show was brilliant, vibrant, & captivating. Throughout the entire show the audience was kept at the edge of their seats.  Furthermore, there were moments when the audience was asked to join in some of the songs, chants, & dances and became a part of the show. The Afro-beat music held true to traditional West African music; but the infusion of jazz, soul, blues, and Latin music took it to another level.

The script was written with lots of implied sarcasm and most importantly highlighted the social strife that has been prevalent throughout the history of Nigeria. These actors put on a true depiction of the ill effects of colonialism. As a result the Nigerians have been left with a  suppressive government structure  financed by corporations that strip the county of its resources. Those circumstances drove Fela to strike back with his music & mobilize those who longed for a better Nigeria.  I tip my hat to all of these actors & musicians, because their immense talents brought to life a story that needed to be told.

This was an incredible musical that I recommend for everyone.