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Thank Me Later

24 Jun

Finally Drake released his debut album, “Thank Me Later” on June 15th and I’m prepared to provide my review. I’m giving this effort an 8 out 10. This is a good album not great nor classic, but he is clearly on his way and knows how to make good music.

Where he excels in creativity, melody, charisma, wit, and metaphors he falls short in lyrical prowess. His beat selection is dope, however this album is slow & has the effect of taking an ambien & benadryll. Overall this album is easy to play through but one must exercise patience. That withstanding he has a sure hit in “Miss Me”, a strong performance in “Lights Up”, lastly “Unforgettable” is clearly where Drake feels at home in between R&B and Hip-Hop.

What makes him most appealing is his candor, people want authenticity from recording artists as they’re a lot of frauds in the entertainment (mostly hip-hop). While some have complained about his singing I don’t mind it.  Drake has found a way to channel the vulnerable insecurities that males experience into his music. Perhaps this is reason enough for everyone to “Thank Him Later”.

Subway Characters

15 Jun

On my ride to work today I happened to capture a character on the subway! Only in NYC are shenanigans like this visible at 7:15 am.   Moreover it does add some animation to my daily commute and makes for great workplace/small talk fodder.

Hold Yuh (Hold You)

14 Jun

This song is my favorite record of the year so far … Any party, any dance floor, this is the record! It makes you just want to grab your lady and wind real tight.

Strausburg Monument

13 Jun

This week we witnessed a remakerable feat! Stephen Strausburg the Nationals #1 draft pick made his MLB debut against the Pirates and struck out 14 batters.  This has never happened in MLB history and was a big deal! There has been much fanfare and hype and he lived up to the billing!  Washington is a buzz with their newest star that is not a politician and perhaps they will erect a monument in his name.  Given the DMV is my home, I’m excited to see the metro DC area support the Nationals.

Stone Mouse

10 Jun

I stole this but its cool! A stone mouse go figure?


9 Jun

Apple has done it again… June 24th I will have one!

– Face time video conference calling, HD Video recording, Multi-Application/Tasking, 5-Megapixel Camera with Flash.  In short this piece of technology is dope!  Blackberry users let the jealousy set in like right about now.


8 Jun

I had the opportunity to see the play “Fences” on Broadway last weekend and it was nothing short of amazing.  Viola Davis & Denzel Washington delivered a masterful performance.  They captured the big moments, drove home the emotion, and were just flat out great.  After the show a certain “stan” even waited outside to capture a close up picture of Mr. Washington himself with my camera, but I’m not going to call her name out in public.  If you get the opportunity go see the show it’s very good.