Hiatus & Time

4 May

I know the past 2 weeks I have not been blogging because I have been busy. In truth it’s really a lack of discipline and focus on my part, which in turn I blame on a shortage of free minutes during the day. However, I am back and have much to share. Thank you for sticking with me!  I will do my best to provide daily (or for some of you weekly) work place fodder and trivial vantage points.

I guess the subject matter here is time. We often never have enough or misuse our time on “meaningless” things. The rhetorical question I pose to you is, why is there never enough time? Everyday, there are many things at the forefront of our agendas that are left unaccomplished,  yet somehow we can identify intervals of time that are spent doing nothing. It’s quite the conundrum and if you have the solution please share.  The time we have on this planet is limited, so perhaps the question to ask is, how can one make best use of the that time? Conversely, why do people look forward to “downtime” or “idleness”? Which in turns makes me ask, is time really the issue or is purpose the real subject in question? Before I take a walk down that path, I’ll let you catch up to logic of my useless rant.  Hurry up and do so, because time is fleeting and its more than evasive.

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