Steppin’ Lasers

18 Apr

On Saturday (4/10)  I had the privlege to see one of my favorite hip-hop artists out right now, Lupe Fiasco. The show was nothing short of amazing as the 2 albums he has put out are masterpieces.  The new up and coming artist B.O.B. opened up for him and put on a good set.  The only suprising aspect of the show was the amount of Rock infused band instrumental sets he chose as opposed to the traiditonal DJ sound.  He weaved between track’s from “The Cool” & “Food & Liquor” seemlessly & held a crowd the whole the night.  The last time I saw Lupe was on the Kanye West “Glow In the Dark Tour” and he has certainly grown as an entertainer since that point in time.  My personal highlight from that evening was the imprmoptu 9 minute freestyle at the end of the show (I’ve included the youtube video below).

Here are some moments from the night:

Live Freestyle at the end of the show:

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