Janelle Monae is coming…

12 Apr

Sorry this post is long past delayed but I have had an eventful past few days.  Thursday evening (4/8) I got to see a new artist, Janelle Monae, perform live at the Highline Ballroom with a childhood friend.  I have never seen a show like this before! She represented  and weaved together a mix of “afro” soul, funk, alternative rock, new wave, pop, & pure energy. It was quite the entertaining experience & she is certainly not in the mold today’s traditional urban artists.  She brought an energy from start to finish that left everyone there feeling a certain kind of way.

If you get the chance, I’d encourage you to go see her perform live because it is that good.  The band was impressive, the video visuals added another element, & theatrics only drove home the she really is unique.  It refreshing to see artists who still bring 100% to a shows & rewardtheir fans for coming out.  Get familiar with her music because she is going to take the music industry by storm.  Let me clear there is no one else in her lane right now!  I’m just glad I had the opportunity to witness another star in the making.  When I’m asked to describe her, I say think, a female James Brown combined with Erykah Badu’s musical prowess and you got this remarkably eclectic artist, Janelle Monae.  Here are some photos & videos I was able to capture & find on the net.

Here are some videos which put it all together:

One Response to “Janelle Monae is coming…”

  1. AMR April 27, 2010 at 8:04 PM #

    I have been a HUGE fan for the past 3 or 4 years and trust me, this is going to be her year! The ArchAndroid drops May 18th and I really excited about this album! Hopefully she will finally get the recognition she deserves! Oh and her live performances? DOPE!

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