Who’s Next Live: J. Cole

4 Apr

I was introduced to him through:

The Come Up

The Warm Up

This past week on Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to see a new and much hyped artist at SOB’s, by the name of J. Cole.  I’m familiar of his music through his mixtapes and guest appearances on other artists records.  Much like Drake, he is a “buzz” artist who has made his was way visa vie the mixtape circuit and heavily relies on his lyrical prowess.  I was skeptical initially about his ability to entertain and perform, but I left SOB’s impressed.  Far too often there are artists who are merely rappers with the inability to entertain & move a crowd; J. Cole does not fall in this bunch.

The show did have a few minor glitches & waiting in the rain/cold for 30 minutes outside wasn’t fun.  Minor un-pleasantries aside, he proved to be a star who is clearly on his way.  Most of the show’s material came from his mixtape “The Warm Up” and he relished in the benefit of a friendly crowd.  The crowd loved his rendition of “Dead President’s II”,  “Grown Simba”, ladies loved “Lights Please”, & everyone was surprised when he introduced a new record “Who Dat”.

It went something like:

In addition to his own music we were treated to other hip-hop luminaries such as Young Chris of  the Young Gunz, Talib Kewli & Hi-Tek.  We got to see Talib Kweli perform “Get By” which was preceded by J. Cole’s mixtape version.  I will not go as far as some; who have called the show a “coronation” but let me be clear, Jay-Z knew he was onto something  when he signed the artist & perhaps another “star is born”.  If you’re unfamiliar with this hip-hop artist I would highly recommend you download his mixtape “The Warm Up”.

I was a part of:

J. Cole

Young Chris

Talib Kweli, J. Cole, & Hi-Tek

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