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Ode to Friday

12 Mar

It’s Friday and I took a day off… I threw this in dvd player!

it's friday

This is a classic movie. Perhaps one could even argue its a “coming of age” movie as well. Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Bernie Mac, Nia Long, & John Witherspoon delivered masterful performances. Think about all the timeless quotes  that came from that movie.  The nicknames alone provided much fodder, see “Debo”, “Smokey”, “Big Worm”, “Ms. Parka”, and need I say more.  Enjoy some of the great clips from this movie & I hope you had a good Friday.

Musical Genius

12 Mar

DJ’s, Producers, Musicans, Hip-Hop Lovers this is genius… My words would fall way short of giving this improv show its just due! Enjoy, learn, & be taken to a place of greatness.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Greatest Rapper of All Time

12 Mar

It was all a dream…

On March 9th each year we (hip-hop fans ) celebrate the passing of Christopher Wallace aka The Notoroious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls, aka Frank White. Growing up as a child in the 90’s he was my favorite rap artist and still is to this day. His peers have dubbed him the greatest of all time & his music changed the rap game forever. As a trailblazer he put a burrough, a city, and consequentially a coast on his back at time when hip-hop was dominated by West Coast artists & soul funk beats.

Biggie’s favorite subject matter in his songs was clearly women, money, & the pursuit of “the good life”. Whats remarkable is that it really takes a transformative act to paint being 300 lbs, charcoal black, with a lazy eye attractive. Somehow Biggie accomplished just that & moreover proved to be quiet the womanizer. This was best on display in “One More Chance”.

What made him so talented was his ability to make the grimiest lyrics seem acceptable. He was unrivaled as a lyricist & is the best story teller in hip-hop.

His post humous album “Life After Death” displayed his versatility and without question is the standard for all albums. Unlike most hip-hop acts there was a consistency between the man Christopher Wallace and the rapper Notorious B.I.G., his songs were autobiographical & touched on the harsh realities of the Bed-Stuy projects in Brooklyn.

My favorite Biggie song is “Sky’s The Limit” & perhaps the exclamation point on a career unfortunately cut short. We can speculate on how great he would been had he not been so violently taken from us. One thing is certain and that is that his music remains timeless and over a decade later it still moves us.