Prada Kicks

9 Mar

"Prada America's Cup Sneaker"

I love sneakers and prefer them to every other form of footwear, as they are the most comfortable and provide much-needed versatility.  Recently we’ve seen sneaker lovers embrace designer sneakers (Gucci, Prada, D&G)  in particular the Prada America’s Cup Sneaker which retails for $350.  I own a pair and I wonder how many people can justify owning a pair of $350 sneakers with their disposable income? Keep in mind I’m not talking about dress shoes such as cap toes,  loafers, or wing tips, but rather a pair of sneakers?

I saw them on a student on his way to school & wondered if he copped his at the Prada store or Saks. I’ve seen them on grocery clerks, barbers, bus drivers,  and people from all walks of life.   I guess the recession didn’t hit everyone that hard, or they are fake, or they like to splurge on kicks.  Only in America can people justify spending 1% of  a years total income on a single pair of sneakers,  for those making 35K (I know who they are);  moreover 25% of that 35K will go towards taxes.

It is remarkable, should we look at it as an investment or frivolity, you be the judge but don’t smudge my Pradas when you walk by me!  If you ask why I own mine, I’ll simply retort “I’m stunin” and because I can.  I’m as guilty as the next man, but while you’re judging me,  I own these too.

So look them up, get me the retail price, add it up. POW!

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