7 Mar

Apple is set to launch its much hearlded iPad on April 3rd to much fanfare & anticpation. I understand critics have knocked the device in comparison to a workbook/laptop becuase of its limited creative capabilities. However, I suspect they are missing the scope of this device.  This tablet is meant to be used for media consumption i.e. a Kindle, iPod Touch,  with 10 inch screen, gaming & e-mail capabilities all wraped in one.

While I may be biased as my phone & laptop are Apple products, this product will keep Apple at forefront of innovation & media consumption.  Commuting and travel will become a lot more bearable when you have your magazines, books, newspapers, movies, pictures, music, & social networking applications in one place.  Once again Apple will change the way we consume media in our lifetimes.

PS I will purchase one when they launch the 2nd generation, when software kinks are worked out & more features are added.

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