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How To Make It In America

7 Mar

This new show on HBO is fantastic & captures the aspect of NYC that is often missed. Most people associate images of Wall Street, Broadway, Fashion, and Music to NYC, yet they forget the millions of dreamers who are here and trying to make an idea work. This show depicts a resourceful, street-smart, moxie, and fortitude shared by most New Yorkers.

Even better is the theme song, “I Need Dollars” by Aloe Blacc”  a soulful and musical gift.


7 Mar

Apple is set to launch its much hearlded iPad on April 3rd to much fanfare & anticpation. I understand critics have knocked the device in comparison to a workbook/laptop becuase of its limited creative capabilities. However, I suspect they are missing the scope of this device.  This tablet is meant to be used for media consumption i.e. a Kindle, iPod Touch,  with 10 inch screen, gaming & e-mail capabilities all wraped in one.

While I may be biased as my phone & laptop are Apple products, this product will keep Apple at forefront of innovation & media consumption.  Commuting and travel will become a lot more bearable when you have your magazines, books, newspapers, movies, pictures, music, & social networking applications in one place.  Once again Apple will change the way we consume media in our lifetimes.

PS I will purchase one when they launch the 2nd generation, when software kinks are worked out & more features are added.