iTunes Blues

5 Mar

Let’s be clear, the music industry is failing and the revenue model is broken. I understand most of their profit comes from ringtones & on-line downloads. However, iTunes price model is very annoying. Paying $1.29 for select tracks is a flippant way of backhanding people that still purchase music legally!

Mr. Jobs we get it, your pimp hand is “way strong”. However, you didn’t have to concede to the record industry moguls. The consumer now is taking the brunt of this fuckery.

I prefer round numbers & 99 cents a track made sense as most albums are garbage these days. People stopped buying CDs when places like Sam Goody or The Wall were charging $17 for hot albums, you see where that got them. Kazaa & Limewire come with lawsuits & viruses so I’m off that.

Furthemore, when iTunes raised the price of popular tracks to $1.29 it was with the understanding that older/less popular songs would be lowered to 69 cents.
1. There is a reason no one wants those songs, they suck.
2. It’s been over a year & I have yet to see a song on iTunes that costs $.69.

Lastly it defies logic as the gift cards come in $5 increments, they weren’t redone to accout for the price increase. Sure I’d pay $64.50 for what was traditonally a $50 gift card. At least I’d know every time I hit the “buy song” button it accounted for 1 song & not a conditional fraction of another one depending on it’s popularity.

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