Garden of Peace

3 Mar

One of the most beautiful and sampled tracks ever is “Garden of Peace” by Lonnie Liston Smith.  It’s a simple 7 chord piano rift that captures a moment of tranquility moreover the melody is oh so enchanting & alluring.

It has famously been sampled by Jay-Z in the song “Dead Presidents II” on his critically acclaimed debut album Reasonable Doubt. The chord equally reverberates on this track because the loop humanizes an often harsh pursuit of street wealth with a soft melody, while the lyrics provide a vivid backdrop of street fables for a few stacks. The irony is that the jazz artist was trying to evoke the feeling of a tranquil place, while the rapper was trying arrive at his peaceful garden through hyper aggression & uncouth behavior. I guess we can peacefully listen to reckless ghetto discord all together in a nice harmony.

One Response to “Garden of Peace”

  1. buckeyetrack10 March 4, 2010 at 9:07 PM #

    Ironic that you posted these videos. The other day I watched a video on how the producer, Ski beatz, used the sample to produce the song. Pretty cool, if you want to check it out it’s on youtube.

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