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Kultida Woods

2 Mar

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Tiger Woods or 2 cents to share. However the most telling moment of this narrative came at his press conference when his mother hugged him after his statements.

That’s when it hit me, the underplayed story: there is nothing stronger than a mothers love. In our biggest failures & faults they always support us, perhaps even to a fault. Tiger shamefully embarassed his wife, perhaps traumatized his kids as they grow, & showed to be shockingly uncompassionate.

As the son of a single mother I can fully apprciate that special bond. It’s only fitting that my first real post be dedicated to the lady that raised 4 boys on her own. My mom is the strongest woman I know & has always stood by us even at our worst. 2 weeks ago I didn’t see Eldridge Woods offer a flimsy but lucid apology, I saw Kultida Woods offer unwavering support & unyielding love. I’m sure she views these events differently than we do passing judgement!