Golden Knicks

22 May

Only on New York subways do you find such interesting creativity & visible artwork.  On the subway I captured a golden KNICK statue…. See for yourself.  Is he the ultimate & timeless Knicks fan for all time?

Are you a bigger Knicks fan than him?

A love lost

17 May

Sorry it’s been a while since I have last blogged as my life has become increasingly busy & I have not had the inspiration to share much.  This evening and the better part of the past week, much has been on my mind as I have reflected about things past, future, and present.  I have thought about steps taken & steps missed.  Most importantly I have thought about the ever elusive emotion & shared experience – Love

A most of  you that personally know me: I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve; Perhaps even to a fault.  However the past 2 years have been something of a roller coaster as I have embraced, carried, fell, lost, & regained love.  We are all familiar with the timeless quote it’s “better to have loved and lost, than to have not loved at all”  Is that really so? If so, explain to me how?

I tought I found a person worth building something with and unfortunately that person wanted me in the mold of  something past.  Now that I reflect, I do not believe that person really believed in ME & my capacity to grow; so SHE opted out.  But that experience has only anchored my belief that relationships are give /take, forgiving, compromising, & most importantly selflessness.  Embracing ones imperfections is what really makes the continuity of a relationship; and it is heart breaking when some always see others but ignore their own.  From that experience I have grown and become a better man.  Despite the unfortunate dynamic that I  am left with today….in losing THAT love… I gained perspective, clarity, peace, purpose, & framework of the future I seek in love.

While I’m sorrowful that said female has opted out of even having a real friendship; I keep her in prayer & good graces.  The funny part is that I desire nothing from her but honest friendship…As all of my  peers, friends, and even some of the hers agree I did the right thing & have been more than accommodating.  I have found peace in my heart & created a space for a special dynamic the next time it presents itself.  For all the lessons learned and growth; there is an almost 2 year window of my short life that I will never get back.  As to the people say it’s okay to take the “L” obviously they do not appreciate time as much as I do.


21 Jul

I had the opportunity to see Inception on Saturday night and I let the movie impressed go see the flick.  For those that have no watched I’m not going to ruin it for you, however I did leave with some lasting questions/thoughts..

An idea is extremely powerful no mater what the source.

Where do dreams and reality intersect?

“All I Want Is You”

16 Jul

This is my favorite R&B record spinning right now (as always it changes weekly).  It’s a very smooth and vulnerable record, delivered with an excellent vocal performance that encompasses a 90’s R&B feel.  I believe Miguel is going to be a star and potentially and shift the crooner landscape. He reminds me of Raphael Saadiq but with a larger mass/pop/ eclectic appeal.

Princess James

13 Jul

Lebron James has dominated the sports media world and to a larger extent everyday conversation since July 1st.  We have finally seen a true glimpse into who is as a competitor and a person.  Thursday night he formally announced he was taking his services to South Beach and joining the likes of D-Wade & Chris Bosh.  Since the 27th minute into his hour-long special about his “decision” he has been eviscerated by the likes of fans, sports writers, the media, his former owner, former NBA players, & more harshly the citizens of Ohio.

The first issue I have with the debacle is his sense of greatness. Lebron James has not won anything during his 7 years in the league so where does he get off crowning himself or dubbing himself “King”.  Have we ever seen a man with lesser accomplishments command such a moment?  Keep in mind Steve Nash also won league MVP.  If there ever was a prime example of narcissism at its finest, this hour-long special is exhibit A. Then again we sic. (culturally) cave into this spectacle like a herd of shepherd-less sheep. I think it speaks to larger societal pitfall that has fallen upon our us, we champion talent/hype but not accomplishment.

Secondly what does this say about him as a competitor? Jordan lost the Piston 3x before finally beating them, but he would never have joined them!  The greatest players don’t join up with the perceived best, they seek out to defeat them and assume the mantle as the best.  I fully appreciate him wanting to be a part of something & play with his friends, however athletics are predicated on competition!  2x League MVP’s don’t join all-star teams to go ring hunting! He said and I quote, “I don’t want to have score 30” , “I want to share the stage with other guys”, “I don’t have to be the guy every night”.  These are representative of someone who does not relish the big moments & shrinks when the lights are the brightest. These quotes represent someone who’d rather follow than lead, I simply have never conformed to respecting followers.

It’s clear he chose the easy way and perhaps that’s fitting considering he has never had to practice delayed gratification.  From birth he was genetically gifted and since high school people have bended to his every request.  Nike was courting the kid at 16, he couldn’t even vote yet!  He opted not go to college and get rich right away.  For all of his gifts and talents this time he picked the easy and cozy route, which in effect is a copout.  The road to NBA rings got significantly easier for him, where is the growth in that?

Lastly, I think there is a sense of brevity and arrogance to him that is unbecoming of a sports icon.  Cleveland is his home town team & those 28 minutes he made sure was an agonizing way of putting a dagger into their hearts.  Real men don’t act like that! Real business men handle their affairs with dignity, grace, tact  and without pomp and fanfare.  Mr. James HAD EVERY RIGHT to go where he pleased, it’s just the fashion in which he did it was nefarious at best.  The Boys & Girl charity angle was a charade, if he really wanted to raise money he could have given it away or hosted a focused money drive.  “The Decision” was about Lebron from the moment he and his cronies decided to hold the NBA hostage.  After watching the decision my heart went out to ever young kid in Ohio who loved the Cavaliers, and it made me fall out of love with the “business” of sports for a moment.

I believe that Lebron could have been the best player in the league and he is immensely talented.  I’m sure he is going to win a few titles and have success in his career, BUT it will never be HIS TEAM.  Furthermore, if  they are not repeatedly successful his legacy will be one of failure and cowardice.  He  DECIDED to follow others path to success rather than make his own.  All along the world thought he was the next Superman, when in fact in his own mind he’d rather settle to be Robin.  Maybe before Lebron made his decision he should have read Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”.

The next time he refers to himself as King James (twitter), he should look in the mirror and ask himself what kingdom does he preside over? Better yet ask yourself; is he the head of the royal court or simply another member of prestiege?  Spare me the coronation & I’ll let the princess enjoy South Beach.

“A Dream Deferred”

12 Jul

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?”

This is one of my favorite poems of all time; there is an expiration on opportunity.  Dream wildly and never wait to act on them.

Aggresive Huh?

10 Jul

Here we have 2 celebrities, 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather, who have predicated their careers on  an image of aggression and violence.  As you can see a photographer took a picture of them sharing drink.  Is it me or does it seem suspect that these two are posing “hard” as ever while drinking a Strawberry daiquiri.  Let me repeat for emphasis, they are “grilling” the camera with daiquiri’s in their hand; not beer, not malt liquor, not cognac but a fruity mixed feminine beverage.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had a few daiquiri’s in my day, but I have never sold myself out to be a violent/ uber-aggressive alpha male or made a career out of it.  I’m not questioning their manhood, I’m questioning the image.

I just thought it was funny to see this picture and witness these two “grimey” fellas enjoy a choice beverage.  Maybe just maybe someone in their camps will inform them its okay to lay off eating gangsta cookies for a while.  I think it would be a great idea to post this picture in every club/bar as a reminder for all the “party thugs” to let it go and act normal.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  Enjoy that strawberry in your drink tough guy!